10 etiquette rules to follow for a Halloween in style (video & podcast)

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Umbert is very exited about Halloween coming on October 31st.

With his friends Diane and Georges, he will travel to Seattle.

Why ?

First because the US are the essence of Halloween. I mean almost the essence, because it was introduced by the Irish and the Scottish immigrants.

Then because the city of Seattle organizes a lot of amazing events the all night, such as big haunted houses.

Even if Halloween allows almost any costume, Umbert and his friends want to avoid vulgarity.

They will respect 10 etiquette rules to follow for a Halloween in style.

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« Be afraid … Be very afraid », Ronnie, actress in The Fly

« Ayez peur … Ayez vraiment peur », Ronnie, actrice dans La Mouche


In this article :

1) Your costume

2) Don’t laugh at the others

3) Social networks

4) The death

5) Offense

6) The decoration

7) The party

8) The kids

9) Organic candies

10) Share


1) Your costume

Keep it chic, even if extravagant.

Extravagant doesn’t mean provocative.

2) Don’t laugh at the others

Some people have prepared their costume a long time ago for this special night.

Even if you don’t like them, never say it.

Plus remember that nobody has the true regarding what is nice or not.

In a startup world, all the ideas are welcome.

3) Social networks

Always remember that the people will take a lot of pictures that night.

So pay attention to your costume, but also to your attitude, especially if you drink a little bit too much.

4) The death

Some people may have lost someone recently, so avoid death in general.

I mean costume but also words like : « You gonna die ». 

Fear is ok, but not death, even if Halloween is related to death.

5) Offenses

Never forget that you could offend someone with your costume, by making fun of a social group or race.

If you have just a small doubt, that’s because you have already crossed the red line.

6) The decoration

Try to keep it simple and nice.

Choose some colors that match, or the opposite.

For exemple you can go for a white-black-orange only, or multiple sparkling colors.

Avoid the white-black-orange only + 1 sparkly color.

Be careful to what could hurt such as fork.

7) The party

Even if the party is at its maximum, respect the neighborhood.

Some people are older and need to sleep earlier than you will.

8) The kids

The nicest thing about Halloween are probably the kids everywhere.

When walking, pay attention, you may not see them running everywhere.

Avoid outrageous costumes and decoration, their parents could be chocked.

Be ready to offer some organic candies.

9) Organic candies

You will offer a lot of candies that night, but you don’t want the kids to eat bad food.

Pick-up some organic ones, you will find them in high-end supermarkets or organic shops.

Be careful to allergies, so try to ask them before, especially for nuts.

10) Share

Halloween is about joy and happiness.

Share it with your family, friends and open yourself to the people.

Umbert and his friends will respect the 10 etiquette rules to follow for a Halloween in style. 

They want to remember this party and time together forever.

That’s why they choose to travel from Paris to Seattle to have the best time ever.

What must be remember : keep it simple and chic, even if extravagant. Pay attention to the kids, and respect the others in general. Tipsy is good, but you don’t want to loose control of yourself.

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Bon voyage !

Umbert De Paris

10 Must do on how to behave at the theater or the opera, according to the New Etiquette (Vidéo & Podcast)


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When Umbert and his friends go to the theater or the opera, they know that they have to be chic, and respect the New Etiquette so everybody can enjoy the show.

It is a politeness due to the actors. They‘ve done a lot of difficult work before to be on stage that night, so you have to respect them.


« The world is a play; each of us must learn how to play his role. », Palladas, Greek poet

“Le monde est une pièce de théâtre ; il faut apprendre à jouer son rôle.”, Palladas, poète Grecque


In this article :

1) 10 Must do on how to behave at the theater or the opera

2) How to choose your seat


1) 10 Must do on how to behave at the theater or the opera

Here are some rules to follow at the theater or the opera :

  1. Dress to impress ! The gala evenings at the opera are very dressy : an opportunity for Umbert to wear a tuxedo and a bow tie. His friend Diane puts on a long dress. 
  2. When Umbert goes to a show with Diane, he’s always in charge of the cloakroom, and the purchase of the program he offers to Diane, before entering for the room.
  3. Be on time. Do not enter the room when the show is started. It is necessary to wait for the end of the act. In many theaters and at the opera, the doors are closed as soon as the show begins. What a shame to ruin an evening for a few minutes !
  4. Even though a theater offers food, do not eat in the room. At the opera it is strictly forbidden.
  5. Don’t even drink alcohol before the show, the smell may disturb your neighbors. If you are a little tipsy, excuse yourself to your friends, and wait for them outside or directly at the restaurant after the show.
  6. It is particularly impolite to speak during the show, you have to respect the actors and the other spectators.
  7. If you do not like the show, you have to wait for the intermission to leave, or wait for the end hoping that something will please you.
  8. If you fall asleep, close your eyes discreetly, it is not respectful for the actors, especially if you are in the front row.
  9. Do not sing the tunes you know.
  10. Never criticize the quality of the show, it’s a very hard job, and you have to respect it.


2) How to choose your seat ?

When Umbert is with friends, he respects the etiquette to choose the seats, even if there is a reserved seat with a number on his ticket :

  • If there are 2 couples : the women sit in the middle, side by side, between the men (the wives next to their husband).
  • If Umbert goes to the show with 2 women, he sits between them.
  • If Diane goes to the show with Umbert and Charles, she sits in the middle.
  • In a box, women sit in the front row.


Umbert loves to go out and knows how to behave at the theater or the opera. He likes to dress and to show off a little with his friend Diane. They always have such an amazing time !

The theater or the opera are a priority for Umbert when traveling for his monthly Weekend in Paris. 

It remembers him about his grand-father who was singing opera the all day.

What you should remember : always be chic, and do everything you can to not disturb the others so they enjoy the show.


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Bon voyage !

Umbert De Paris