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Tonight Umbert is at Georges birthday at Hôtel De Crillon.

He loves this place, just renovated with so much elegance ! It is also one of the best spot for the pastries, and Umbert can’t wait to see the amazing birthday cake.

Georges is a real French aristocrat, so Umbert will pay attention to his manners, especially when arriving.

Show time !!! Umbert shows you how to arrive at the party in style !

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« Life is party. Dress for it », Audrey Hepburn, English actress

« La vie est une fête. Habillez-vous pour la circonstance », Audrey Hepburn, actrice anglaise


In this article :

1) Dress to impress

2) Bring a gift


1) Dress to impress

Don’t forget to check or ask for the dress code. Adapt your style to the evening.

You don’t want to look underdressed and ridiculous.

It also shows that you respect the hosts and the other guests.

But always wear confortable ones, the ones you like, so you won’t be or look under pressure.

If you have time, stop by the hairdresser and the barber, so you will look sharp and not neglected. I recommend the new spa and hairdresser at the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris for exemple. You will find more detail in my Best November Weekend Ever in Paris.

You can also read my article Don’t dress like a rock star, especially for a date, for more details.

Don’t forget that people may judge you on your outfit, especially in Asia and Europe.

2) Bring a gift

It is always recommended to bring a gift to the hosts.

For a dinner, bringing chocolates is very popular and easy. 

Wine or champagne as well, but you have to choose a very good one. Ask for advices in a wine shop if you don’t know. Ask them for something that nobody knows, from another country for exemple.

Avoid liquors if one of the hosts is a woman. 

« Thank you Umbert for the wine advices. With my wife Amy, we’ve been to a neighbor house warming party. I stopped by an amazing wine shop in L.A., and bought a bottle of a fantastic white wine from New Zealand. We were so lucky because the neighbors honeymoon was there. », Jay L.

Everyone can offer flowers: children, women, men. But if the rule is easy, nothing is more difficult than knowing how to apply it :

  • The choice of the flowers varies according to the personality of the hostess, the circumstances, the decor. 
  • There is a language of flowers. Ask for advices at the flower shop.
  • For a dinner or lunch, you can send them the day before, the morning or the next day to thank.
  • You must remain classic: avoid paper and plastic decoration.
  • Ask for a transparent packaging, it’s more chic.
  • The label is proscribed for potted flowers.
  • Waterproof paper bouquets with water are allowed.
  • Do not offer gladioli and carnations.
  • Offer by odd number except for the dozens.

If you know them very well, you can choose something more personal. For exemple I like books, so I always try to find one that matches their passions.

Umbert travels a lot, so he never forget to buy something original he can offer. People love his gifts because it also bring a part of the travel. It is also a good way to start the conversation with where he has been.

If they have children, bring them a little toy or so, they will really appreciate.

Don’t forget to add a personal card.

Show time !!! How to arrive at the party in style ?

In fact, try to stay natural, discreet and chic.

Umbert likes to arrive in silence, but with the right outfit and gift, so everybody will pay attention.

What must be remembered : arriving in style is an art. Avoid making noise or pretending. People like discreet and chic guests. The perfect gift, that the hosts will remember,  will make all the difference in next days.


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Bon voyage !

Umbert De Paris