Did you know that Charles Aznavour was a king ? And still is … (vidéo & podcast)

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At 94, Charles Aznavour died on the night of Sunday in France.

Charles Aznavour was loved in France of course, but also in Asia, the US and all over the world.

He has been on stage worldwide, where he sang some of his most famous songs in English.

He was a true gentleman all his life, starting as a son of the immigrantion, and become one of the most famous French singer.

Most of his songs were inspired by his Parisian anecdotes.

Did you know that Charles Aznavour was a king ? And still is …

Let’s check his most famous songs and gentleman values.

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« Take me Along the end of the earth », Charles Aznavour, French singer

« Emmenez-moi au bout de la terre », Charles Aznavour, chanteur Français


In this article :

1) Take me Along

2) Bohemia

3) As they say

5) I already saw myself


1) Take me Along

Charles Aznavour leaves some wonderful songs behind him. 

“Take me away” is an invitation to discover the other cultures and adapt to different civilizations. 

Don’t forget that he was born from an immigrant family in France, so he had to adapt to a foreign culture very young, but also learn about his Armenian family one.

He will get a star for this song on the famous Walk of Fame of Los Angeles.

Listen to the the song : 

2) Bohemia

“Bohemia” is the art of being happy.

On stage, he always sang it with a white handkerchief in his hand, a symbol of eternal and innocent youth. 

This song becomes the hymn of a generation in Paris.

Listen to the the song : 

3) As they say

“As they say” is an invitation to tolerance, especially for the gay community.

He was inspired by his driver’s life. This shows us how he took care of his siblings and the people in general.

This song was a controversy in France at that time.

But Charles Aznavour remained strong on his beliefs.

Listen to the the song : 

5) I already saw myself

« I already saw myself » is a song about his optimism.

As a son of an Armenian family, he dedicated his life to his career.

In this song, we can see the hope of a young guy.

A real lesson for all of us.

Listen to the the song : 


These values associated with socially adapted behaviors are those that Umbert likes and transmits in his blog.

Thank you Charles for your talent and what you have transmitted all over the world. 

Did you know that Charles Aznavour was a king ? And still is …

A gentleman is leaving, a king who guides us remains …

What must be remembered : try to listen his songs, most of them are translated. This will give you hope, tenacity and the satisfaction that brings achievement.


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Bon voyage !

Umbert De Paris