Do people care when you’re late ? Here is what to say (Vidéo & Podcast)


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Yesterday night Umbert had a meeting with his best friend Diane at the Café de Flore.

Paris is so busy in November, everybody is in town working and having fun.

So he was late. 

Do people care when you’re late ? Here is what to say.

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« Being late is an act of violence », Mahatma Gandhi

« Etre en retard est un acte de violence », Mahatma Gandhi


  • In this article :

1) What to say when you are late

2) How to act when you are late

3) The next day


1) What to say when you are late

Being late is not a problem, as long as you contact the other person as soon as you can.

Do not forget to call ahead.

If you known it in advance, give a courteous version.

If it is last minute, give the real reason that will be valid.

Always give a real and logic reason. Lying would be the worst, because people always figure it out.

Exemple : Umbert is late to meet Diane. He calls her immediately, saying that the traffic is crazy in Paris, and he should be 15 to 30 late.


2) How to act when you are late

The best solution is to take it easy. Stress would accentuate the problem.

Here is a process :

  1. Even if you arrive angry, stay silent for a moment in front of the door and breathe calmly.
  2. If necessary, check your outfit, your hairstyle.
  3. Enter calmly.
  4. Follow the rules of the presentations according to what the hostess will do.
  5. If there are many people, a “good evening” discreet will be said to the crowd.
  6. Only the persons expressly presented by the hostess will be greeted.

Isn’t it easy ?

« I have tried this process many times, thank you Umbert for all the advices ! », François B.


3) The next day

The best is to send a card the next day to excuse yourself, especially if you were enable to attend.

Then, invite the people for something fun, so they will apologize and forget. 


Diane was so happy that Umbert called. Now she knows what to do : continue to shop the amazing dresses from the best designers in Saint -Germain, or watch the people going to the Paris Fashion Week to check their amazing outfits and get inspirations.

Umbert knows how to behave in all circumstances.

Do people care when you’re late ? Yes they do, so you have to know what to say.

What must be remembered : take it easy and follow the process, then everything will be fine. The worst would be to lie.


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Bon voyage !

Umbert De Paris