10 Must do on how to behave at the theater or the opera, according to the New Etiquette (Vidéo & Podcast)


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When Umbert and his friends go to the theater or the opera, they know that they have to be chic, and respect the New Etiquette so everybody can enjoy the show.

It is a politeness due to the actors. They‘ve done a lot of difficult work before to be on stage that night, so you have to respect them.


« The world is a play; each of us must learn how to play his role. », Palladas, Greek poet

“Le monde est une pièce de théâtre ; il faut apprendre à jouer son rôle.”, Palladas, poète Grecque


In this article :

1) 10 Must do on how to behave at the theater or the opera

2) How to choose your seat


1) 10 Must do on how to behave at the theater or the opera

Here are some rules to follow at the theater or the opera :

  1. Dress to impress ! The gala evenings at the opera are very dressy : an opportunity for Umbert to wear a tuxedo and a bow tie. His friend Diane puts on a long dress. 
  2. When Umbert goes to a show with Diane, he’s always in charge of the cloakroom, and the purchase of the program he offers to Diane, before entering for the room.
  3. Be on time. Do not enter the room when the show is started. It is necessary to wait for the end of the act. In many theaters and at the opera, the doors are closed as soon as the show begins. What a shame to ruin an evening for a few minutes !
  4. Even though a theater offers food, do not eat in the room. At the opera it is strictly forbidden.
  5. Don’t even drink alcohol before the show, the smell may disturb your neighbors. If you are a little tipsy, excuse yourself to your friends, and wait for them outside or directly at the restaurant after the show.
  6. It is particularly impolite to speak during the show, you have to respect the actors and the other spectators.
  7. If you do not like the show, you have to wait for the intermission to leave, or wait for the end hoping that something will please you.
  8. If you fall asleep, close your eyes discreetly, it is not respectful for the actors, especially if you are in the front row.
  9. Do not sing the tunes you know.
  10. Never criticize the quality of the show, it’s a very hard job, and you have to respect it.


2) How to choose your seat ?

When Umbert is with friends, he respects the etiquette to choose the seats, even if there is a reserved seat with a number on his ticket :

  • If there are 2 couples : the women sit in the middle, side by side, between the men (the wives next to their husband).
  • If Umbert goes to the show with 2 women, he sits between them.
  • If Diane goes to the show with Umbert and Charles, she sits in the middle.
  • In a box, women sit in the front row.


Umbert loves to go out and knows how to behave at the theater or the opera. He likes to dress and to show off a little with his friend Diane. They always have such an amazing time !

The theater or the opera are a priority for Umbert when traveling for his monthly Weekend in Paris. 

It remembers him about his grand-father who was singing opera the all day.

What you should remember : always be chic, and do everything you can to not disturb the others so they enjoy the show.


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Bon voyage !

Umbert De Paris