How to offer the most beautiful flowers (video & podcast)

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Umbert is invited at his best friend Victoria. He always bring a very chic bouquet.

Everyone can offer flowers: children, women, men.

But if the rule is easy, nothing is more difficult than knowing how to apply it.

Umbert is gonna help you about How to offer the most beautiful flowers.

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« The flowers of spring are the dreams of winter, told, in the morning, at the table of angels », Gibran Khalil Gibran, poet

« Les fleurs du printemps sont les rêves de l’hiver, racontés, le matin, à la table des anges », Gibran Khalil Gibran, poètes

In this article :

1) Who are flowers offered to?

2) How to offer them?

3) The choice of flowers

1) Who are flowers offered to?

A child can offer some flowers to all the women of his family (do not forget the grandmother). Rarely to a teacher.

A woman offers flowers to married or single women. But a girl can give it to her father or one of her parents. Also an employee at her employer.

A man to a girl, preferably by handing them himself. He can also send them to a single or to a married woman. A son to his father. An employee to his female employer.

2) How to offer them?

Either send them.

Either bring them yourself.

It depends on how you relation with the other is. If you bring them you will seem closer to the other.

For a dinner or lunch, you can send them the day before, the morning or the next day to thank. Exception: for a cocktail we bring neither flowers nor chocolates but a word written the next day to thank.

3) The choice of flowers

The choice varies according to the personality of the hostess, the circumstances, the decor.

We must remain classic: avoid paper and plastic decoration.

Ask for a transparent packaging, it’s more chic.

The label is proscribed for potted flowers.

Waterproof paper bouquets with water are allowed.

Do not offer gladioli and carnations.

Offer by odd number except for the dozens.

Staple a business card to the bouquet.

There is a language of flowers. The best is to ask the florist for advices.

Here are some easy rules to follow if you want to say chic, but offer the most beautiful flowers.

Umbert is famous for always bringing the best ones.

He chooses his flowers in the best flower shops of Paris. They are some of the best in the world, always very chic.

What you must remember : always keep it classic and chic. Follow the seller advices  regarding the langage of flowers, and don’t forget to staple a card to the bouquet.

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Bon voyage !

Umbert De Paris